Live sessions will include time for Q&A, so if you haven’t checked out the MemberHub Welcome Page for PTAs, please do so now at
Training has started, but there are more sessions to come, so please click here to view all upcoming training sessions in MemberHub’s Help Center (also found by searching for the word “LIVE” at and register for as many topics as possible. Recordings from previous sessions are also available there for viewing at any time, which is a great way to get a head start too!

As you will see in the training, there is so much that your unit can do with MemberHub!  Remember, all of it doesn't have to be done now.  Here is what we need your help with first.  After we launch MemberHub on 03/25/20 through the end of this fiscal year (06/30/20), we need the following done through MemberHub by all PTAs:


  • Current officers, log into your MemberHub site to set your subdomain, which becomes your url for your site and store… e.g. “westmore” becomes for your private site and for your public store.

  • Verify and/or add officers for the current and next school year (if known) -- REMINDER: President, Secretary, and Treasurer must be listed on your MemberHub site’s Officers page for your unit to remain in good standing (the rest of the titles may be filled in if they apply to your PTA).

  • Add additional PTA leaders and your generic PTA email addresses (if desired) as “People” on your site and assign admin rights as you see fit.

  • Families and staff may be added to your site at any time (as People, as opposed to paid PTA Members), so you can start taking advantage of the communications features.

  • Paid members for next year may be manually entered at any time and those state dues will not be payable to us until after June 30th

If you have questions about our state implementation of MemberHub, please contact Arkansas PTA at

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with MemberHub to provide their valuable online tool to all PTAs in Arkansas State PTA …free of charge! MemberHub makes it easier to run your PTA -- engage families, raise funds, stay in good standing, and more. You’ll save hours on admin tasks, so you can focus on connecting with your children and engaging your school community.

Check out this video to see how Lacy Elementary uses MemberHub and stay tuned for more info!

MemberHub Implementation

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Intro to MemberHub with LIVE Q&A

Our MemberHub launch date was 03/25/2020, and welcome emails were sent to all of the officers that were on record with Arkansas PTA.  However, due to COVID and Spam Filters, most of those emails were lost.  As units go to file their New Officer Reports, they will find that the form has been turned off.  This is because when they update their officers in MemberHub, that is how they report them!  Why do things twice?!  To be able to set up your site, please request assistance from MemberHub through this form.  They will get you set up so that you can get started!

MemberHub provides several training sessions each week, so please be sure to visit the Welcome page and register for training using the links below.