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Arkansas PTA is making special efforts to ensure that every PTA in Arkansas understands the importance of being a “PTA in Good Standing ”. We have two specific goals.
     ➢ Inform PTA leaders why being a “PTA in Good Standing ” is important.
     ➢ Educate PTA leaders on the six steps to achieve and keep a “PTA in Good                     Standing ”.

We call it our BEAPIG Promotion because the term “BEAPIG” (be a pig) is an acronym for the six components of maintaining the good standing status of a local unit PTA. Arkansas PTA wants every PTA to “BEAPIG” or be a “PTA in Good Standing”.

B   Bylaws; PTA bylaws must be current and on file with the state PTA office. Bylaws are required to be renewed every three (3) years on December 1st

E  Elected Officers Form; PTAs must keep a list of current PTA officers on file with the state PTA office.

A    Audit Report; PTAs must prepare an Audit Report and submit it for review with the state PTA office.

P   Paid Membership Dues; PTAs must have submitted all state/national PTA dues to the state PTA office.

I   Insurance; PTAs must purchase bond insurance with a policy date of November 1st. If a PTA uses AIM, AIM will provide a list of insured PTAs to the state PTA office.

G  Government Agency Reporting; PTAs must file a Form 990­N (ePostcard) or Form 990­EZ with the IRS and submit a copy of each year’s filing with the state PTA office.


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BE A PIG! Why? What does it mean to be a Unit in Good Standing?

Everybody asks, what's with the pig? It's assumed that it is because Arkansas is known for the U of A Razorbacks, that is partially true, but it is also just good fun! The acronym helps us to remember how to be a PTA in good standing. The traveling trophy brings attention to all the good work that our Arkansas units are doing, and the adventures of Flat Sooie have become a great social media trend. He is sent all over the country with volunteers doing advocacy work every day! Find out how to bring the trophy home to your AR PTA school, follow #FlatSooieAdventures on social media or host him to showcase your little part of the world!

Check Sooie's calendar below and request a time that you have something special planned!

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