Health and Safety

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The Healthy Lifestyles program provides family-centered education and tools that connect them with schools and advocate for healthy changes in nutrition and physical activity. In a healthy school:

  • All foods, beverages, and snacks sold or served to meet National School Nutrition Standards.

  • All students have opportunities to be physically active on a regular basis.

  • All students have access to regular physical education.
  • District-wide wellness policies are developed, implemented and evaluated with input from students, parents, staff and interested community members.

What your PTA Can Do -
Advocate to:

Safety is a crucial component of effective learning and a key concern for all parents. Today’s students are exposed to dangers at home and online. They also face a variety of risks, including bullying, unintentional injuries, and violence.

These risks can be mitigated when parents, teachers, and caregivers:

  • Model responsible behavior
  • Talk to their students
  • Teach students to make wise choices
  • Advocate for environmental and policy changes that will keep kids safer 


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