About Us

Regional Officers

Ray Samaniego, Central Region Vice President             cvp.arpta@gmail.com

Kimberly Bartee, Northeast Region Vice President nevp.arpta@gmail.com

Melissa Rushton, Northwest Region Vice President nwvp.arpta@gmail.com 

Vacant, Southwest Region Vice President       swvp.arpta@gmail.com

Christine Hardin, West Region Vice President               wvp.arpta@gmail.com

Dr. Robert Williams, Central South Field Service Rep


Lola Thrower, Central North Field Service Rep


Audre Darling, Northwest Region Field Service Rep


Brenda Velosky, West Region Field Service Rep


Meet your Arkansas PTA Board of Managers Team!

Executive Board

Shelly Anderson, President


Melinda Kinnison, President Elect preselect.arpta@gmail.com

Trina Kuklaw, Vice President of Leadership     vplead.arpta@gmail.com

Vacant, Vice President of Legislation     vpleg.arpta@gmail.com

Vacant, Vice President of Membership   vpmem.arpta@gmail.com

Michelle Odum, Secretary                                             sec.arpta@gmail.com

Greta Freeman, Treasurer                                             treas.arpta@gmail.com

Keli Gill, Immediate Past President pastpres.arpta@gmail.com

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Committee Chairs

Amberly Hayes, Bylaws Chair                             bylaws.arpta@gmail.com

Vacant,  Communications Chair comchair.arpta@gmail.com

Latriana Robertson, Diversity & Inclusion Chair diversity.arpta@gmail.com

Eleica Rowe Reflections Chair                   reflectionart.arpta@gmail.com