About Us

Regional Officers

Michelle Odum, Central Region Vice President             cvp.arpta@gmail.com

Michelle Cadle, Northeast Region Vice President nevp.arpta@gmail.com

Trina Kuklaw, Northwest Region Vice President nwvp.arpta@gmail.com 

Vacant, Southwest Region Vice President       swvp.arpta@gmail.com

Betsy Hayes, West Region Vice President               wvp.arpta@gmail.com

Tonya Broadnax, Southeast Region Vice President       sevp.arpta@gmail.com

Shannon Johnson, Central North, Field Service Rep       cnfsrep.arpta@gmail.com

Jessica Lance-Root,  Central South, Field Service Rep   csfsrep.arpta@gmail.com

Michelle Boots, Northeast, Field Service Rep       nefsrep.arpta@gmail.com

Melissa Rushton, Northwest, Field Service Rep               nwfsrep.arpta@gmail.com

Joy Holman, West Region, Field Service Rep           wfsrep.arpta@gmail.com

Meet your Arkansas PTA Board of Managers!

Executive Board

Keli Gill, President


Shelly Anderson, President Elect preselect.arpta@gmail.com

Vacant, Vice President of Leadership     vplead.arpta@gmail.com

Jennifer Garner, Vice President of Legislation     vpleg.arpta@gmail.com

Melinda Kinnison, Vice President of Membership   vpmem.arpta@gmail.com

Christine Hardin, Secretary                                             sec.arpta@gmail.com

Beth Everett, Treasurer                                             treas.arpta@gmail.com

Charles Warren, Immediate Past President pastpres.arpta@gmail.com

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Committee Chairs

Vacant, Bylaws Chair                               


Vacant,  Communications Chair comchair.arpta@gmail.com

Shikara Linsy, Diversity & Inclusion Chair   diversity.arpta@gmail.com

Marsha Jones, Education Chair                       edchair.arpta@gmail.com

Greta Freeman, Family Engagement Chair fechair.arpta@gmail.com

Vacant, Health & Safety Chair  


Nena Tucker, Outreach Chair          outreach1.arpta@gmail.com

Geraldine Nichols, Reflections Chair                   reflectionart.arpta@gmail.com