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Arkansas PTA Legislative Conference

In an effort to better understand the health and wellness needs of Arkansas students, Arkansas PTA was excited to host a Healthcare Forum...


We hosted guest speakers who work closely in the field of:

  • Priority Area 1 – Physical Education and Physical Activity in Schools / School Nutrition Environment and Services / Out of School Time Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Patty Barker - Hunger Relief Alliance, No Kid Hungry Campaign

Emily S. English MPS, MPH - Arkansas Garden Corps, Arkansas Farm to School

Dr. Brett Stone- Healthy Active Arkansas, Priority 4 Lead  (Physical Activity in Schools: Early Child Care through College)

Lisa Mundy, Coordinated School Health Director

  • Priority Area 2 – Sexual Health / Sexual behaviors that contribute to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted  infections (STI), including HIV infection

Danny Harris - Statewide Outreach and Prevention Coordinator ARcare Special Services
Gretchen Jaco, RN - ARcare Special Services, Creator "Generation NEXT" Youth Program
Theresa Parrish- Arkansas Coalition for Healthy Youth Coalition, Representative of Our Whole Lives (OWL): Lifespan Sexuality Education

  • Priority Area 3 – Immunizations

Jennifer Dillaha, MD - Medical Advisor for Health Literacy and Communication, Arkansas Department of Health
Heather Mercer - Arkansas Immunization Action Coalition

  • Priority Area 4 – Mental Health / Bullying / School Health Services for Managing Chronic Conditions / Counseling, Psychological and Social Services

Betsy Kindall, Ed.D - Arkansas Department of Education, OUR Educational Cooperative
Janie Ginocchio, MPA - Arkansas Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience Workgroup
Cheria Lindsey, BSN, RN - Arkansas School Nurses Association
Alan Mease, MD, Medical Director, Child and Adolescent Health, Arkansas Department of Health


Resources on adverse childhood experiences:

Sesame Street in Communities: Age-appropriate resources and tools to help parents and providers work with children on topics such as resilience, grief, trauma, and dealing with divorce and incarceration.

ACEs Too High: Provides information on ACEs, including the latest research

Paper Tigers: A documentary set within and around the campus of Lincoln Alternative High School in the rural community of Walla Walla, Washington, Paper Tigers asks the following questions: What does it mean to be a trauma-informed school? And how do you educate teens whose childhood experiences have left them with a brain and body ill-suited to learn?Type your paragraph here.

Early Child Social-Emotional Problems and Child Obesity: Exploring the Protective Role of a Primary Care-Based General Parenting Intervention