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National PTA Local Leader Kit 

Additional materials for local unit officers and board members may be found on the National PTA website at  We encourage you to make a profile and access the Local Leader Kit.  There are resources here for all of your officers and board members! Learn about the PTA mission, leadership, finance, membership, fundraising and communications.  Don't forget to check out their Thrive volunteer learning community!

Other Events

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Arkansas PTA Learning Academy

The Arkansas PTA Learning Academy is now open!  This collection of videos is for Arkansas PTA local unit officers and board members.  We are beginning with episodes covering the Unit Handbook.  Please check back to see our updates and additions!  To sign up and get started, click on the blue Learning Academy logo, or go to By providing these short videos, Arkansas PTA hopes to reach more of our membership and to help you to make every child's potential a reality with confidence!

Arkansas PTA Leadership Training


Summer Leadership 2023

The Arkansas PTA Board of Managers has decided NOT to host the Summer Leadership in 2023, but we have been working hard to provide our local PTA officers and board members with an online, on demand option for training.  It is called the Arkansas PTA Learning Academy.  While we regret that we will not be meeting you in person and having all of the fun that Summer Leaderships of the past have brought, we hope that this series will reach more of you as it will allow you to receive the information at a time of your choosing.  It is our intent to keep the videos short and focused so that it easily fits into your schedule, and so that you can find the information that you need.